I am so inspired by the mums that I work with who have kids with eczema. 

They are filled with a determination so strong, fueled by their desire to help their child with eczema have a healthier future.

They are resilient….brave…and strong….with a patience knowing that this journey with eczema may be a long one.

They remain dedicated to the cause of helping their child live a better life.

They are paving the way.

Breaking the norm.

Challenging the status quo because they know it is exactly why they were destined to be their child’s mother.

Their child is so incredibly lucky to have them.


Others look to them and think:


How can she be so confident?

How is she so brave to find a different way to help her child?

How does she have the energy, day after day, while still keeping it all together?


Others watch and think she’s wasting her time, that it’s futile, or are triggered, but here is what others don’t know.

My clients,

And those who understand what I’m talking about,

Are changing the face of health, and are taking the steps forward for a new way, because they KNOW there is a better way.

Yet sometimes they find it is incredibly hard.

It’s not all rainbows and clear skin.

And they wrestled with reaching out for help because they felt they needed to do this on their own.

They felt that they needed to do this for their child and work it out all by themselves.

To be the martyr.

And maybe this is you right now.

You’re intelligent, you’re determined and you’re 1000% committed to helping your child.

But you’re finding it incredibly hard.

Yes, sometimes you struggle.

And you feel like you’re on this journey alone.

That no one else understands.

And you’re close to giving up.



You wouldn’t DARE GIVE UP.

Because although you put your child first (I mean, who else here is on the bottom of the list?), you were always destined to be the one to help your child.

You know your child was meant to have a healthier future than THIS.

Even though you’ve been told, “It’s JUST childhood eczema.”

“They’re not unwell.”

“Just put the creams on – but not too much – and don’t read the package inserts for the potential side effects – but put the creams on.”

And you’re given little other advice.

But because you’re you, you’re going to find another way.

A Better way.

A New Way Forward.

Because it’s why you are your beautiful child’s mother.

Because you absolutely can NOT sit by and watch them suffer.


Even though you’re determined, and spend all your days (and nights) searching for information and ways to help them, you’re still have doubts.

You’re scared:

  • That you don’t have what it takes to help your child
  • That the work you put in still won’t help
  • That those doubts from the little voice inside your head, or from those around you are right
  • That your vision of a healthier child isn’t going to come true
  • That you should have taken the old approach (even though it wasn’t working for you any more).

Sometimes you wish you didn’t know in your heart that there was a better way.

That it was easier to just take the same old approach and things got better.

But the fact is, that old approach WASN’T working for your family.

The old approach wasn’t the answer that you were looking for.

And living like this is jarring, it’s frustrating, and it’s breaking your heart.

I know what this is like.

To be constantly told that eczema isn’t that bad.

To be told to stop breastfeeding and just put them on formula.

To see the eye rolls when you talk about how you’re helping your child.

To go to bed late, searching for answers, to wake in the night with your child, scratching and screaming, to keep searching for that ‘unicorn moisturiser’.

You want to do more… but you’re unsure what…and how.

But honestly, you know you can do this.

You have what it takes.

And all you need someone at your shoulder, supporting you and believing in you.

Someone who can show you a new way, a supported way forward, and then give you the resources and tools you need to go and help your child.


This is what I do.

I work with the courageous, the determined, the brave mums, who are fueled by their desire to help their child have a healthier future, no matter what it takes or how long it takes, to gift their child a healthier future…. And more.

I see you.

I support you.

And I will show you how.

So you can be the brave hero for your child.

Whether your child realises when you do, you can change their life for the better.

Your child is so incredibly lucky to have you.

So you have one decision to make.


If you’re ready to want to know more and say yes to a healthier future, click below.

Let’s help your child have that healthier future – together.


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