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Learn how to gain back control of your child’s health in three steps

Internal Health

The health of our skin is a reflection of our internal health.

Eczema will continue if we ignore the internal root causes eczema – healing is an inside job.

Let me show you how you as a Mama – can help your child become healthier from the inside out.

External Health

Addressing external causes of eczema is a key piece of the puzzle.

By reducing or removing environmetal triggers and optimising skin microbiome can significantly help with eczema.

Learn what these are, and what you can do to help your child’s skin. 

Mama Success

‘YOU are a crucial piece of this puzzle. 

When you feel supported, you gain the confidence to help your child.

Surround yourself with a Team to guide you on how to soothe your child’s skin without the overwhelm and stress of what to do next. 

The Programs


Happy Skin Collective

for Eczema

$47USD / month

This monthly membership gives you all the key information on how you as a parent, can help your child. Discover  the tools you need to reduce overwhelm and optimise your confidence in helping your child.  Monthly Q&A’s with Dr Melissa as well as interviews with guest experts to guide you.  

This monthly membership add-on includes personalised group coaching, live workshops, and monthly topic intensives for increased confidence, accountability and motivation. Jump on the monthly group coaching calls with Dr Melissa to get your questions answered so you can reduce the guesswork and break through those eczema blocks quicker. 

Money back guarantee and cancel any time. 






This is Dr Melissa’s 16-Week Signature Program that provides you with the highest level support. Together with all of the information and resources from the Happy Skin Collective for Eczema, let her take you by the hand with 8 x 1:1 calls, and UNLIMITED Voice-messaging support (Mon – Fri). You’ll have Dr Melissa in your back pocket when you need.  Optional upgrade of gut health testing and naturopathic consult.

Limited places available.


Testimonials from my students

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Meet your Eczema Coach,

Dr Melissa Raymond, PhD

Supporting Mums in Transforming Their Children’s Skin and Lives. 

As a dedicated and determined mum who witnessed my own child struggle with eczema, allergies, and asthma, I understand the frustration and overwhelming challenges that parents also face. 

With a PhD in health research and 20 years in the healthcare system as a physiotherapist, my passion as a certified health coach is to help other parents confidently take back control of their child’s skin.


Driven by my personal journey, I’ve gathered over a decade of insights to empower you with effective options that go beyond the limitations of the traditional, old and outdated approach to eczema.

I always meet my clients where they’re at – whether it is starting off with a small step each month, or jumping in head first, I’m here by your side to listen, guide, and support you. 

If you’re here because you’re ready for some understanding alongside helpful strategies, I’ve got you. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and happier future for your child – and your family.  

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Fermented Food Workshops


These live workshops are in the style of “chop and chat”, where you can actually create your own delicious and gut-building fermented food in real time, alongside your teacher Dr Melissa. Receive your very own 20+ page fermented food recipe book, filled with tips and recipes for beginners and beyond. 

The EMF Course


Ever wondered if your child’s i-pad or your phone use is contributing to health issues? With Expert Building Biologist Bronwyn Bennett from Creating Healthy Spaces, this On-Demand Series takes you through what ElectroMagnetic Frequencies are, how they contribute to health issues, and most importantly, gives you strategies on how to reduce your exposure to optimise your health without the overwhelm. 

Mini Products

Amazon Book

 Stop Scratching the Surface


STOP SCRATCHING THE SURFACE: Frustrated Parents’ Guide to a Healthier Future

In her Best Selling book, Dr Melissa shares the steps she took help her eczema covered son to have beautiful, clear skin – without the creams.

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Monthly Eczema Workshop


Join one of our monthly eczema workshops to gain key strategies to help soothe your child’s skin from the outside in and the inside out.

Dr Melissa shares approaches that you can implement straight away to help take back control of your child’s skin.  

30 Minute Eczema Clarity Call


Need some clarity and support on your eczema journey?

Book in a 30 minute rapid eczema clarity call with Dr Melissa. Together, you’ll create an individualised plan to clear confusion and increase  your confidence to help with your child.

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