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We support parents who want to create a healthier future for themselves and their loved ones.

Through our membership program THRIVE and the resources and support within it, you create a healthier future that you and your loved ones deserve.

No more researching day in and day out for yourself, take our knowledge and implement so you can support better health – THRIVING health – today.

The EMF Course

Want to learn how to create healthier spaces in your home so you can live a healthier life?

Learn more about the effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) so you can minimise exposure and harm, so you and your loved ones can thrive. 


Our incredible Membership Program is for for Families ready to Create a Healthier Future. Be supported by our amazing, supportive community on a similar journey to creating a healthier lifestyle. 

Access our growing library of courses and modules (one at a time to reduce overwhelm) and make sustainable and impacting changes today. Join our Thrive Community so you can create the healthier future that you and your family deserves. 

The Eczema Roadmap

Looking for a safe and supported way forward for a healthier future for eczema?

Perfect for you if you are ready to do all you can to help with eczema, and complements perfectly working with a health professional.

Suitable for adults with eczema as well as parents of children with eczema. 

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Join our online, live and interactive workshops so you can ask your questions and gain guidance in real time! From Fermenting Food to Eczema, select the workshop that suits your area of interest. 

Supportive Community

We have the most wonderful and supportive community of likeminded families ready and willing to create healthier futures and healthier families.


Free Resources

Unsure where to start? Take a look at some free resources to dip your toes in at your own pace!

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Creating thriving, healthy families for current and future generations.

Creating thriving, healthy families for current and future generations.


Are you uncertain about how to create a healthier life and feel stuck in overwhelm?

Know you can do more but unsure where to start?

Ready to learn more about ways that you can improve your health and the health of those you love?

You are in the right place!

our journey to healing…

As a researcher, a mum and a physiotherapist, my family have gone through significant health challenges over the last 10 years. And we have come through, fitter, healthier than ever.

Through trial and error, using my research skills in delving into the journal articles, and seeking the advice of over a dozen different health professionals, we have worked our way through no longer having to deal with eczema or asthma, as well as improving allergies, gut health and overall health.

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Our Latest courses & Workshops

Fermented Food Workshop

what others are saying about melissa…


“I’ve just finished module one [The Eczema Roadmap], thanks for such a wonderful resource Melissa Raymond. You’ve done a great job putting all the info together, and presenting it in such an easy to understand manner.”


“Melissa! I’m onto the second module of the course [The Eczema Roadmap] now and finding it really helpful. It just feels good knowing that I’m able to learn about this in a far more structured and sensible way than the ‘shotgun approach’ I was doing on google before, and having things broken down into 10-15 minute segments works really well for my life at the moment….
Just wanted to say I’m really appreciating this course.”


“Thank you Melissa for this really well organised, comprehensive course
[The Eczema Roadmap].
I was that mom coming from a health background myself that did not want to choose the life of lifelong steroid use for my daughter…
If they weren’t going to help me find a solution, I sure was.
The food triggers section was really eye-opening, especially naturally occuring chemicals… I’m glad to have some clear direction on what to specifically look out for.”


“Participated in a fermenting foods class tonight with Melissa and I had such a great time.
It was so much fun and I learned tons about food!
My favorite part was chopping all my veggies along side her from all the way across the Earth.”