Personal Care Products… Cause for Concern?

Many of us use personal care products that contain dozens of different ingredients each day.

Sometimes we use these products multiple times per day.

Think: soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturisers, deoderant, perfume, make up and more…

Which ones of these are in your daily routine?

Have you ever read the ingredients label on the back of your personal care products?

Ever wondered what some of them were and why they were in there?

Did you know that many of these ingredients have not been tested for safety in use…let alone safety in/on humans?!

Say WHAT?!!

Yes, many of these products contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to our health…

Yes, most haven’t been tested for their safety, let alone tested for repeated, frequent application across multiple different products!

Yes, it’s true… unfortunately these days we can’t even trust the fact that it is sold on the supermarket or health food shop shelves as a guarantee it is safe!

But we don’t have to throw them all out just yet…

In this video I take you through how you can easily work out what’s in your personal care products to ensure that you are informed and can make a decision about continuing to using it.

Once you’ve discovered what’s in your personal care products – whether it be skin itrritants, hormone disruptors, carcinogens, formaldehyde producing ingredients or genetically modified ingredients, you can then make an informed decision.

You can choose to:

Resume using it

Reduce your exposure/amount/frequency of use

Remove, or



Because once we know better, we do better, right?

So… let me know how you went with checking the ingredients of your personal care products and what you decided to do with this new knowledge!

Resume… reduce…replace or remove?

Yes, it is possible to create a healthier future without the overwhelm, one change and one step at a time.

Melissa Raymond is a researcher, mum and physiotherapist based in Melbourne, Australia. Having helped her son no longer have to deal with eczema, she helps other parents frustrated with the old approach to eczema with a safe and supported way forward for a healthier future. 

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