Unsure of where to start with eczema or suspecting allergies in your little one?

Tonight I talk about the 2 most common testing for allergies (our dermatologist suggested that most kids with eczema likely have an allergy).

What to expect, how to help your child through them, and what they mean.

The RAST test (now called Blood tests for allergen specific IgEs) results can take 2 weeks to come back.

Skin Prick Testing – results within 15-20 minutes but indicate ‘sensitivity’ and size of results do not necessarily correlate with the likelihood of an allergy.

Ultimately, it’s a supervised food challenge test in the hospital that will give the clearest result regarding an allergy.

If you’re suspecting an allergy in your child as they have had an allergic reaction after eating certain foods, head to your GP to get a referral to an Allergist.

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