My favourite oils for Baby

Using essential oils throughout pregnancy, labour and in the days and weeks (and years) afterwards, was fantastic.

Essential Oils removed typical toxins our bub was exposed to (think: cleaning, moisturisers/soaps, perfumes, medications) and gave us alternatives to store bought items.

Always dilute essential oils before applying them to your baby’s skin. The general dilution ratio is 1 drop of essential oil to 10 mL (2 teaspoons) of carrier oil.

If diffusing in an ultrasonic diffuser, ensure that you have the door open to allow for good ventilation.

You only need to add one or two drops to the diffuser if using in a bedroom where the baby is sleeping.

Ensure your oils are pure, not synthetic, and do not contain pesticides/herbicides/heavy metals.

*Prem babies have very thin skin and so please seek the advice of your health professional before using oils.


Top Oils for a New Baby….


FLavender – probably the number one oil to use here with bub!


Nappy rash –

Use with Tea Tree and dilute with jojoba or favourite carrier oil to make a quick and easy (and non-toxic) bottom balm!

Sleep/Calming –

A drop of lavender and Frankincense on a tissue tucked under the sheet, or a drop in your diffuser for a more restful night’s sleep…

Use diluted with a carrier oil for a baby massage prior to bed

Add a drop of Lavender diluted with a carrier oil to the bedtime bath to help with settling baby into the nighttime routine

Tummy calming

Rub a drop of Lavender and Fennel to the tummy (diluted) to help sooth the crying or fussiness that may occur with babies.

Soothe dry skin or rashes

Add a drop of Lavender and Frankincense to jojoba oil and massage around your tummy to help with moisturising this beautiful tummy that grew your baby for 9-ish months!

Roll diluted in the soles of baby’s feet or spine before bed (ensure feet are covered with socks before sleep).

Lavender is a great oil to help support Bub and Parents in the early days.

Lemon Essential Oil

Diffuse and apply topically with a drop of cedarwood or cypress if bub has the sniffles

Great for non-toxic cleaning around the home – 10 drops in a 500mL glass or metal spray bottle, with a splash of vinegar and the rest with water. Makes a great all purpose cleaning spray.

Dilute with carrier oil and apply topically to the head to soften dried skin/residue on the scalp.

Dilute with carrier oil and apply topically to the tummy in a gentle clockwise massage to help with digestion.

Lemon essential oil has many different uses.

Tea Tree

Apply a drop on a cotton ball with a drop of Lavender essential oil and rest the cotton ball in the opening of the ear canal (NEVER put oils in the ear). This can help soothe sore ears which often occur at 2am with the sniffles!



Apply diluted with Lavender Essential Oil to the soles of the feet with for a cooling sensation when hot.



Wonderful for calming, settling, skin…for both baby and parents!

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Ensure that you dilute your essential oils well when using topically and if diffusing, ensure the door is open to ensure adequate ventilation.