Your Journey to Creating Healthier Spaces

Your Journey to Creating Healthier Spaces

Do you have trouble sleeping? 
Headaches, skin rashes, brainfog, fatigue, weight issues, irritability...
Do you or your loved ones often feel unwell?

Are you worried about the amount of screentime that your 
little ones' growing bodies and precious brains (and perhaps yours too) are exposed to these days?

Have you ever considered that your home - specifically  
ElectroMagnetic Frequencies - aka EMFs (think: technology) may be impacting your health?

Technology can provide wonderful options, solutions and joy to our lives.

It's everywhere - SmartPhones, Smart Watches, Internet on the go, 
....whitegoods, cord-free phones, headphones and games...

However, the adverse effects of technologies are not always known at the time of invention; 
sometimes they're discovered too late.

This is a chance to make some changes now on your journey to 
creating a healing and healthier space for you and your family.  

To have the best of both worlds.

This is THE opportunity to make where and how you live a conscious choice.

Learn how you can take  steps now to minimise your exposure to EMFs to 
protect your health and the health of those you love. 
Who is The EMF Course for?
Unsure about emf?
You may or may not already be aware of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) around us in Smartphones, Devices, Cell Towers.

You are concerned regarding the time your family spends on technology and the health implications this might raise
ready to optimise health
You are resourceful, dedicated and committed to helping yourself and those you love with a healthier future.

You may have existing health issues including headaches, sleep issues, chronic illness, low energy, weight issues and more.

You may feel healthy but are worried about the long-term effects of constant exposure to EMFs.
those ready for change
You are ready to make some changes to reduce your exposure to EMFs but are unsure where to start. 

The EMF Course is for you if you are wanting to optimise your health and 
the health of those you love.

If you are ready for some simple, step by step strategies to reduce your exposure immediately to create your own healing and healthy space.
So, What Exactly Is Included? 
  • 6 x weekly sessions, one session released each week
  • ​Protect your health and the health of those who you love
  • Find out if your daytime/nightime habits are causing you immediate and long term harm
  • ​Discover practical steps on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful EMFs
  • Have the best of both worlds with safer use of technology for your kids and yourselves
  • ​Low cost and free strategies to reduce your EMF exposure
  • ​Home Assessment Guide, Sleep Space Audits, Step by Step Action Plans and more...
  • ​12 weeks access to recorded sessions and all resources
  • Step by step videos and resources to make simple changes straight away
  • ​Supportive Private Community for the duration of the program
Further details...
What will you receive?

Bronwyn Bennett, Building Biologist from Creating Healthy Spaces and Dr Melissa Raymond, PhD from Your Journey to Healing, will share with you the ins and outs of ElectroMagnetic Fields, which ones may cause harm, and how to protect yourself and those you love.

You'll have access to resources like your own home audit, sleep space assessment and helpful action plans as well as references to share with your health professionals and an EMF resource to take away. 

Gain an understanding into the concerns regarding EMF and be empowered with strategies to take you forward towards creating your own healthier, healing space. 
Videos, Audits and Step by Step Action Plans

Each week's video and resources are released one per week for 6 weeks.

Watch in your own time and have time to assess, prioritise and implement changes between sessions. 

It’s your choice: how you do it is up to you.  You'll have 12 weeks access to all videos and resources. 

Access the videos and resources when it suits you, wherever you are and whatever your schedule. 

You'll have access to an evidence-based approach that will banish the overwhelm of the 'how to's' and gain you the information and support you need to move forward to reducing your exposure to EMFs for a healthier future. 
Support From Others On The Journey!

We often hear that being on a different journey can feel like a lonely one with our friends and family sometimes just not ‘getting’ where you’re headed. 

The EMF Course offers you the opportunity to connect with other people who are on a similar journey, in a supportive and controlled environment.

You will be invited to join our private and confidential Facebook Community so you can make connections, receive peer support, troubleshoot and celebrate the wins together!
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