Stop Scratching
the Surface
Eczema Book for Frustrated Parents
Discover the bigger picture that moves beyond the skin so you can finally start to move forward for a healthier future
  • Revealed: Common missing pieces of the puzzle
  • Truth or Myth: Food and eczema and the missing links 
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed: ​This Quick Guide shows you where to begin to move beyond symptom management
  • Saves you time: Stop searching for all of the answers on your own
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I'm Melissa Raymond - a mum, researcher and health professional. I support parents who are frustrated with the old approach to eczema. Parents like you, dedicated to your child and looking for a new and clear way forward for a brighter future. I do this using safe, evidenced-based and practical approaches to go deeper than just the skin.

My book, Stop Scratching the Surface - Frustrated Parents' Quick Guide to Eczema for a Healthier Future reveals key areas that are missing in old approach. It shows you how you can easily make simple changes to really start making a difference in your child's health.

Without it, you could waste your time stuck in overwhelm and uncertainty, spending hours on the internet - in FB groups, forums, blogs, and PubMed to find this information for yourself.

With it, you can eliminate the 'No idea-where-to-start-overwhelm'. This will allow you to feel more confident and empowered to move forward with a plan to help your little one improve their health, and in doing so, your health too.

Absorbing the information in the Quick Guide is a great place to start so you can move forward. 

Dr Melissa Raymond, PhD x
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