“Taking the right step, one step at a time, reduces the overwhelm. Having information on what works – and what doesn’t – saves time and energy to fully invest in what matters. It is 100% possible to take back control of your family’s health to YOUR capable hands.”

– Dr Melissa Raymond


Dr Melissa Raymond is a self-confessed research nerd (with the PHD to prove it), dedicated mother, and Amazon best-seller. In a past life, she was a piano teacher and flautist, and though her future life remains a mystery, she’s sure to succeed at her next challenge, too.

Her present life is focused on Your Journey To Healing – born of necessity, and designed to take the overwhelm out of managing your family’s health and guide you through eczema, allergies, and other common (but worrisome-at-3am ailments).

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After spending what felt like a million years trying to manage her own young son’s eczema, she hit on her formula for success that helped heal her son’s eczema. She continues to celebrate not ever having to look for yet another eczema cream.

With nearly two decades in in physiotherapy and over 17 years honing her research skills, she’s an authority on what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to navigating the health system.

Having worked as physio while juggling two little kids, and starting and finishing her PhD, she’s then launched a business helping fellow mums of kids with eczema. As well as living through the long nights of having a child who never slept and specialists who actively discouraged dietary and lifestyle changes, Dr Melissa now gets great joy out of sharing these healing strategies and those of the most knowledgeable experts with parents ready to take back control of their child’s skin. 

Dr Melissa spends her days striking a balance between work and play; developing new courses and systems for parents just like her, and cheering on her two children as they construct LEGO worlds, endlessly throw a basketball at a hoop, and push their limits on the trampoline.

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YOUR Journey to Healing

Your Journey to Healing inspires and enables families to take back control of their health. Through curated information, expert interviews and the best tools, we support change for creating healthier communities for generations to come.

You are not alone.

It’s time to share the load. You deserve more support and the right information at your fingers.

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Melissa Raymond, Founder, Headshor